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In A Few Minutes

Oct 27, 2021

Jeff Gamet’s own Jeff Gamet joins us to talk about his wish for his next Apple Watch, the one problem I’ve had with my Apple Watch, and my ongoing issue with Apple Pay Cash. Plus - I’ve got an idea for a movie! Find out what it is - In a Few Minutes

Oct 23, 2021

Peter Cohen joins us to talk about his new gig, Apple’s new gear, and not measuring up to our machines. Then, a side of philosophy on Side - B - In a Few Minutes

Oct 22, 2021

Our week of talk around new Apple gear continues with MacCast host Adam Christianson. What new things does he have? What new thing does he wish he had? And what new thing is he glad other people are glad about? Find out - In a Few Minutes

Oct 21, 2021

Mike Rose, co-host of The Aftershow, is not getting a new iPhone, a new Apple Watch, nor a new MacBook Pro. Not because he doesn’t want them, though. Here why and his thoughts on M1 Macs and the enterprise - In a Few Minutes

Oct 19, 2021

Mere hours after Apple’s M1 Pro/M1 Max/New MacBook Pro event, NosillaCast Podcast host Allison Sheridan joins Ken to talk about the announcements - In a Few Minutes