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In A Few Minutes

Feb 19, 2021

The scariest thing he ever did? DC or Marvel? One superpower? Tom Merritt steps up and gives it a few more spins. It’s his second time with the Wheel of Stuff - In a Few Minutes

Feb 18, 2021

Apple Watch, Services, and Apple TV - Which has wowed, surprised, and will be Apple’s future as far as Tom Merritt is concerned? Find out - In a Few Minutes

Feb 17, 2021

Ken Ray and Tom Merritt - A couple of guys who do daily tech news shows (Mac OS Ken and Daily Tech News Show) talk over what pushes rumor over into news. Plus, chatting up AR/VR possibilities from Apple - In a Few Minutes

Feb 16, 2021

Two of Apple’s most recent and unmitigated failures are iPhone 12 mini and Apple TV+. Oh, Tom Merritt and Ken don’t necessarily think so, but everybody knows it’s true. Except for the part where everybody knows it’s true. Hear more about it - In a Few Minutes

Feb 15, 2021

The chips are down. Anyway, their inventory is. From electronics to cars, various industries are feeling the pinch. It’s news to Daily Tech News Show’s Tom Merritt - In a Few Minutes