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In A Few Minutes

Nov 30, 2020

Linux founder Linus Torvalds wants an M1 MacBook that’ll run Linux. Hear why and why it’s not likely to happen anytime soon. It’s news to MacCast’s Adam Christianson - In a Few Minutes

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Nov 27, 2020

Scariest thing ever! The movie you HAVE to see! A Hero from fiction! Answers revealed when Jeff Gamet spins the Wheel of Stuff! - In a Few Minutes

Nov 26, 2020

Nothing this Thanksgiving is likely to be normal, so Jeff Gamet and Ken are leaning into it. What kind of parade would they make if it was up to them? Find out - In a Few Minutes

Nov 25, 2020

As we near the year’s end, tech wanderer Jeff Gamet and I consider the amount of stuff Apple’s brought to market in the last few months. Is it more than usual? Also - how about those socially distanced events? Here us wonder in our wanderings - In a Few Minutes

Nov 24, 2020

Mountaineer Techspert Jeff Gamet and I talk about our HomePod minis. Where is his? Why did he get one? That and more - In a Few Minutes