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In A Few Minutes

Jan 29, 2021

An app he loves! His most recent concert! Animal, vegetable, or mineral? Bryan Chaffin, Editor-in-Chief of The Mac Observer, spins the Wheel of Stuff - In a Few Minutes

Jan 28, 2021

Ken’s still on about Apple getting into healthcare while Bryan Chaffin simply wants to bum a ride. Services we’d like from Apple - In a Few Minutes

Jan 27, 2021

Bloomberg says Apple is working on a VR headset. B.C. (Bryan Chaffin) is not so sure. Realities virtual and augmented discussed - In a Few Minutes

Jan 26, 2021

While Mac fans are fans of Macs, they all have ideas about how to make them better. Bryan Chaffin - Editor-in-Chief of The Mac Observer tells us what he wants from future Apple computers - In a Few Minutes

Jan 25, 2021

Cryptocurrency isn’t news to Bryan Chaffin, though recent moves in cryptocurrency are. Cryptocurrency IS news to Ken. Let Bryan talk him through it - In a Few Minutes