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In A Few Minutes

Nov 25, 2020

As we near the year’s end, tech wanderer Jeff Gamet and I consider the amount of stuff Apple’s brought to market in the last few months. Is it more than usual? Also - how about those socially distanced events? Here us wonder in our wanderings - In a Few Minutes

Nov 24, 2020

Mountaineer Techspert Jeff Gamet and I talk about our HomePod minis. Where is his? Why did he get one? That and more - In a Few Minutes

Nov 23, 2020

Lone techspert of the wilderness Jeff Gamet joins us with the news story that most interests him - Apple’s commission reduction where small developers are concerned. Philosophy meets finance - In a Few Minutes

Nov 20, 2020

Non-fictional hero! Wars or Trek? Believe it or not, Favorite Mug came up AGAIN… The After Show’s Mike Rose spins the Wheel of Stuff! In a Few Minutes

Nov 19, 2020

The After Show’s Mike Rose joins us to talk about changes for Apple - good and bad - wrought by the pandemic. Special focus on hardware sales, and whether in-person media events are a thing of the past.