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In A Few Minutes

Jun 22, 2021

Ken thinks Apple should stop saying it believes privacy is a fundamental Hunan right if it’s going to keep dealing with China. NosillaCast Podcast’s Allison Sheridan disagrees. Hear them discuss it - In a Few Minutes

Jun 21, 2021

NosillaCast Podcast’s Allison Sheridan joins us this week. News that LG stores in South Korea may start selling iPhone has piqued her interest. That makes it News to Allison - In a Few Minutes

Jun 11, 2021

Adam Christianson rounds out our week of WWDC reactions. What got MacCast’s motor humming? Find out - In a Few Minutes

Jun 10, 2021

Our week of WWDC reactions continues. NosillaCast’s Allison Sheridan and Ken talk music and scotch and - okay, the WWDC Keynote - “In a Few Minutes.”

Jun 9, 2021

Our week of WWDC reactions rolls on. Jeff Gamet joins us with his two-cents - In a Few Minutes