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In A Few Minutes

Sep 3, 2021

A family member, a comedian, and an Apple luminary are cordially invited to break bread with a podcaster. This is MacCast host Adam Christianson’s Dinner Party - In a Few Minutes

Sep 2, 2021

Apple is the most valuable company on the planet. So, what could Apple do to save it? And is that Apple’s job? MacCast’s Adam Christianson and Ken kick that around - In a Few Minutes

Sep 1, 2021

With an Apple event likely around the corner, what might MacCast’s Adam Christianson be throwing down some Quatloos for? We’ll talk about that… right after we talk about podcast subscriptions - In a Few Minutes

Aug 31, 2021

Last week, Apple announced terms of a proposed settlement in a class-action lawsuit with developers. What’s new? What still needs work? MacCast’s Adam Christianson talks that over with Ken - In a Few Minutes

Aug 30, 2021

The “News to” shows have been reaching back a bit lately, and today’s is no exception. Have you ever wondered why hyperlinks were blue? MacCast’s Adam Christianson did! Then he found out! He shares the answer when It’s News to Adam - In a Few Minutes!