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In A Few Minutes

Nov 26, 2021

Stricken with a severe case of Holiday-itis, Jeff Gamet and Ken talk over holiday traditions past, ongoing traditions, and one embarrassing tradition - In a Few Minutes

Nov 25, 2021

Two floats, two balloons, two musical acts, and two special appearances from one special show! Jeff Gamet and Ken Ray M.C. the most magical, imaginary Thanksgiving Day parade around - In a Few Minutes

Nov 24, 2021

Like everyone, Jeff Gamet has hopes and dreams for the future. We’ll not talk about most of those, but we will hit his expectations and desires from Apple in 2022 - In a Few Minutes

Nov 23, 2021

Ripped from last week’s and this week’s headlines, Jeff Gamet and Ken are talking over Apple’s Self Service Repair program. Who is it for? What effect will it have on Apple’s business? These questions and others addressed - In a Few Minutes

Nov 22, 2021

After six or seven years of rumor, Apple Car chatter can still turn the world on its ear. That perplexes Jeff Gamet and he wants to talk about it - In a Few Minutes